We host Jubilee Cross Cultural to promote discipleship for students of color. We want students to recognize their role in global leadership in light of the connection between faith and vocation. The conference workshops emphasize ethnic and cultural backgrounds as unique gifts from God. All students, regardless of race or ethnic background, are welcome to participate.

Jubilee Global Dinner
This weekend we worship side by side with image bearers from every square inch of this world! Join us as we celebrate, eat, share and listen to stories from a rich diversity of international students. How do we not only exist, but thrive in a culture foreign to us? What do those in the majority culture need to understand to be true community to those from around the world? Let’s take one step closer to each other in awareness and hospitality over good food, guided conversation, and testimony. We will meet in the lobby of the Westin Hotel at 5:30pm to travel together to our destination. Dinner will begin at 5:45. Pre-registration is required. Cost is $5.

Jubilee Cross Cultural Dinner
The relationship between race and faith is one of the most important issues of our time. The Jubilee Cross Cultural Dinner is a space where we share and hear our experiences as we engage the challenges of Christianity and race in America. Please meet in the Westin Lobby promptly after your 4pm workshop to walk together to First Presbyterian Church. Register here. Cost is $5.


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